Thursday, March 31, 2011

"The Steez"

This week, I've decided to dedicate my blog to the term "Steez". Upon cleaning out my music library, I discovered some rap music(downloaded by someone else) on my computer entiltled "The Steez". I happened to be on the phone with my beloved sister at the time, who was just as amused as I was, so we googled it!  
Ahem..."Steez" simply means "style with ease".  And in case anyone is wondering, there are variations on how to use this word!  Example: "Check out his shoes, man, those are mad steez" or my personal favorite, "Aw s***, that car is damn steezy! I feel like a steezmonkey riding that s*** for sure!".  You may also use other variations, such as, Steeznugget, Steezbomb, Steezfaced, Steezmonster, etc. The possibilities are endless!  All of this can be yours at
Oh, how I love today's language, what ever will they think of next?  

Anyway, my "Steez" of the week was my I-Taweh t-shirt.  My friend I-Taweh's cd is steadily climbing the charts, and his lovely wife(also my good friend) gave me one of his t-shirts so I could show my support! 
As we all know, most band t-shirts are shapeless and made for men! Naturally, I decided to do what I do best...upcycle!!!  So, I cut off the sleeves, opened  the neck nice and wide, made a waistband,  and topped it off with a fantastic braided belt made from old t-shirts!  I found a bamboo ring and used it for the belt loop.  I Wasn't sure how this would turn out because, I'll let you in on one of my secrets,  I hardly use patterns anymore.  I love to freestyle!! You might say I'm one "Steezybeezy"! Haha,, the belt took FOREVER! I hand sewed the entire thing , and I think I have a permanent dent in one of my fingers from pushing on the needle! But it was worth it, and I already have four requests! 

I also made another halter that I had wanted to post last week.  It is made from an old skirt that didn't fit anymore.  I absolutely adore this and will be making more!  It has been sewn together with the edges left raw. The stretch cotton doesn't fray, so it looks really cool.  It has a low cowl neck and african beads at the base of each strap.  The waistbelt is a gauzy,  leaf print fabric that almost looks camoflauge from a distance!  I hand stitched the pleats on it and closed it off with a tie.  Can't wait for summer to sport this one! 

And last but not least, my "Flower Power" shirt.  I already posted this, but Miss Menah wanted to see me in it, and I do believe I stated that I would wear it for the post.  As promised, here it is!  Hope everyones day is as beautiful as the sun that shines! 
As always, peace and "steezyness" ~Nenah

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