Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wise ol' Redwood

so, i feel i should probably start out this blog by saying happy new year/spring.  the days have definitely flown by since the last entry, and for a while, i was feeling like abandoning this whole project. i didnt want to sew, period.  shortly after the festival in which we vended, it was time for my daughter and myself to continue on our journey.  i knew living up in ukiah was a temporary situation, but this last move was a tough one.  we are now nestled in the beautiful redwoods, not far from the ocean. its where i first wanted to move, before my ukiah detour, and now am making my dreams a reality. but, it hasnt all been peachy.  it has been trying, not only my patience, but my faith, spirituality, sanity, security,etc.  this has been a year for healing, and what a better way to do it,  chillin with thousand year old trees.  man do they have stories...anyway, this has been an adventure.  singing, creating, laughing, crying, meeting like minded people and just plain letting go of all the bullshit that keeps us from truly loving ourselves. the more i let go and truly listen, the more the doorways in life continue to open. i wouldnt be able to stop creating if i tried...its who i am. on that note, i have designed eight new shirts, yay, and more keep flowin. the best thing about this experience we call life, is that when all is said and done, i will have gained stories...like the redwoods.                                  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Busy as a Bee

Yes, I have been busy! Summer is here and its hot and the cool water has been tempting me! I have a lot to work on today so this is gonna be a short one! I've cut up about five or six t-shirts to work on, and this is the latest from an old dress, but now is a halter top, ooh la la!
Peace- Nenah

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sierra Nevada

So I ended up going to the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. I said I wasn't gonna go, but then my friends were able to hook me up with a backstage pass(free) soo I couldn't resist the temptation! I met Prezident Brown, his wife and his cute new baby, whom looks like a little mini Prez! My daughter and I danced to Anthony B and shopped the fabulous vending booths.

I was good though, I didn't buy any clothes! The only thing I bought was a spirulina smoothie from the raw food booth...mmmm! If I had brought more money with me I would have raped at least five vending booths! Serious!! My favorite vendor, Solsis, was there doing her thing. This woman was one of the inspirations for Sia Jahta! She hand makes her own clothes with her own artwork on them. Its just real simple designs, but the fabric is great and they are very stylish! Kellie and I both own a few of her items, and after seeing how they were made, the light bulbs were glowing! Anyway, the rest is history!

I'm still feeling behind in my work, my serger is still mad at me and classes started today,yay! In case anyone is wondering I am going back to school for nursing, fun! It's summer classes though, so its only a month and loads of homework:). I am not worried though, I will still have plenty of time for festivals, swimming, sewing and suntanning! I am putting the finishing touches on the clothes I showed last week so I will share the pictures when they are finished.

Yesterday I took the day to spend mama-daughter time! Everyday is special with her, but yesterday was extra special.
We did laundry, ate dairy-free ice cream on a stick, swam in the river, suntanned on dry river clay, and then topped off the evening by making lentil-walnut burgers together!

They turned out super yummy! Oh, and we also picked fresh broccoli from our garden to have on the side!
Well, better get back to sewing and homework, and dishes, and gardening, and mommy time...and...exercising.....and...pant.....stuff...Ohm...peace-Nenah

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sia Jahta Clothing

As I said in my previous post, I'm still creating despite my possessed sewing machines! All of my recent creations are being displayed on my beautiful Styrofoam model, Genevieve. If you've been following, you'll notice she has been gifted a brand new head! But wait, there's more! She also gained a full head of golden Afro puff! Now that's love! Anyway, the clothes are pinned in the pictures for obvious reasons, but I am happy to admit that we have had a breakthrough!!YAY!! I was able to get the tension fixed on one of the machines, and we are sewing! Thank heavens, but if anyone out there has any serger advice, it will gladly be accepted.

My first item is my Empress Menen tube top, made from a t-shirt my step dad brought home for me from one of his tours. It was too big and manly, so I just fixed it a bit! Red, gold, and green stripes, cowrie shells, batik fabric, signature flower...BAM! It's finished! This one is the only one that actually got sewed:).

Next, an old Roxy halter and Bob Marley T turned sexy back tank. I might add some more embellishments, but then again, I kind of like it just Bob!

I started to create a hoodie vest, up-cycled from an men's sweater. I had another Bob Marley head from another old T and am using it for an applique on the back of the hoodie. It will have a nice hood when complete, and some front kangaroo pockets. It will also have the usual flare!

And last I have been working on two tanks for my friend Lareina. She gave me 3 sarongs, 2 shirts,and a heart-shaped coconut belt loop to go crazy with and make her some clothes.

So, the purple, low cut shirt is a gauze-like material, and I took the crochet top from another flowery shirt she gave me and made a belt for it. Its hard to see in the picture, but ill take new ones. I am proud of how this turned out. It proudly shows of that beautiful skin(hopefully you are proud of the skin you are in)!

The green halter was made from a sarong. Love, love, love this material! It has multi-color swirls and designs on it, it's just gorgeous. Simple halter with low cowl neck, and hip band,what else can I say? I have two items left in the Lariena collection to finish, just a braided belt and one more sarong to play with and then that's it!

After making clothes for Lariena and fixed a skirt for another friend, no more!
Any requests will have to wait till the festival is over. I'm locking myself in my house with my demon sewing machines and am not coming out!! Well, maybe except to water the garden, suntan, go for a run...but that's it, oh yeah, I might have to go to my real job, but that's it! So, if you want clothes, come to the Beneficial Reggae Concert and visit the Sia Jahta booth! And did I mention Anthony B is gonna be there, yea that's right, August 20 at the Frey Vineyards! Hope everyone has a blessed summer, even if you are walking around naked and not in Sia Jahta clothing!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog Schmog! Nenah vs. Serger

So, I looked at my last post and didn't feel too resentful about my absence. It hasn't been that long, yet it feels like forever! 2 months!! Yikes! If anyone is still following and wondering what the deal is, the deal is I have been in a domestic dispute with my brand new serger! With my conventional sewing machine spazzing out, I had grown accustomed to hand sewing everything! I finally found a nice serger and bought it as the answer to all my sewing woes! Boy was I wrong!! This machine is the most tempermental invention on the planet! I have spent the last 2 months at war with this machine and kind of went on a sewing strike! I have still been creating and have lots of projects to share, but damn it, I want to SERGE!! Fortunately I do have 2 other sewing machines that will just have to suffice. They are a bit rickety, but with a tension adjustment they should do the basics! On a happy note, I am going to be vending my clothing at a festival this summer! This will be my very first avent! My business partner in crime, Kellie, will be flying in as well. Kellie makes the jewelry part of our collections, which I might add, compliment the clothing nicely! So the next few months my blogging will be dedicated to festival preparation. I do hope the 11 followers we have will enjoy the journey with us! Look for my photos of the couple months of creations this evening! Bless- Nenah

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hmmm...what to do...

Well,sorry Menah, I'm writing on your day! Was so busy working yesterday, I forgot to post! Anyway, my project for the week is four different shirts that will soon be one(or two). Not sure what to do, but the creative wheels are turning and I must get sewing!! Chop, chop! ~Nenah

Thursday, March 31, 2011

"The Steez"

This week, I've decided to dedicate my blog to the term "Steez". Upon cleaning out my music library, I discovered some rap music(downloaded by someone else) on my computer entiltled "The Steez". I happened to be on the phone with my beloved sister at the time, who was just as amused as I was, so we googled it!  
Ahem..."Steez" simply means "style with ease".  And in case anyone is wondering, there are variations on how to use this word!  Example: "Check out his shoes, man, those are mad steez" or my personal favorite, "Aw s***, that car is damn steezy! I feel like a steezmonkey riding that s*** for sure!".  You may also use other variations, such as, Steeznugget, Steezbomb, Steezfaced, Steezmonster, etc. The possibilities are endless!  All of this can be yours at www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=steez
Oh, how I love today's language, what ever will they think of next?  

Anyway, my "Steez" of the week was my I-Taweh t-shirt.  My friend I-Taweh's cd is steadily climbing the charts, and his lovely wife(also my good friend) gave me one of his t-shirts so I could show my support! 
As we all know, most band t-shirts are shapeless and made for men! Naturally, I decided to do what I do best...upcycle!!!  So, I cut off the sleeves, opened  the neck nice and wide, made a waistband,  and topped it off with a fantastic braided belt made from old t-shirts!  I found a bamboo ring and used it for the belt loop.  I Wasn't sure how this would turn out because, I'll let you in on one of my secrets,  I hardly use patterns anymore.  I love to freestyle!! You might say I'm one "Steezybeezy"! Haha, yea...so, the belt took FOREVER! I hand sewed the entire thing , and I think I have a permanent dent in one of my fingers from pushing on the needle! But it was worth it, and I already have four requests! 

I also made another halter that I had wanted to post last week.  It is made from an old skirt that didn't fit anymore.  I absolutely adore this and will be making more!  It has been sewn together with the edges left raw. The stretch cotton doesn't fray, so it looks really cool.  It has a low cowl neck and african beads at the base of each strap.  The waistbelt is a gauzy,  leaf print fabric that almost looks camoflauge from a distance!  I hand stitched the pleats on it and closed it off with a tie.  Can't wait for summer to sport this one! 

And last but not least, my "Flower Power" shirt.  I already posted this, but Miss Menah wanted to see me in it, and I do believe I stated that I would wear it for the post.  As promised, here it is!  Hope everyones day is as beautiful as the sun that shines! 
As always, peace and "steezyness" ~Nenah